No Gods before Me

Americans consume more per capita than any other people in the world - not because we are any worse than other peoples, but simply because we can.  We have the means to consume the world, and increasingly we do not have the moral restraint to refrain. We import some of the finest and most wonderful bounties of creation to feed our ever-more-broken societies.  And for what? Will it ever be enough? At what point will the material idols stop demanding their temple sacrifice?

In an era of increased connectivity and ability to worship and connect communities of believers across great distances, we must be careful what we export to others. We dare not export our greatest shame and commodity (idolatry), lest we cause others to stumble.


This is part 1 in a 5-part series.  Alexei Laushkin is the Director of Major Projects & Church Relations for the Evangelical Environmental Network. The above article first appeared here, and it is reprinted with permission from the author. The views expressed in this article are his. He and his wife live in Alexandria, VA.


11/6/2009 5:00:00 AM