The Good Wife: Hasid for a Day

The younger guys, the professional would-be actors who are here because it's another gig, and maybe because they happen to look Jewish, are being sent away to be outfitted with fake ones from the wardrobe department. I do a double-take when I see the blond underwear-model guy walk past in his skullcap and tzitzis. The makeup guy does a double-take on me and says: "Oh. You've already been."

Coming Next Week: Part 2. Fake kids! Fake cars! And my fake wife!?


* -- I'm grossly oversimplifying it, I know.


This article is reprinted with permission from My Jewish Learning.

Matthue Roth is the author of Never Mind the Goldbergs, an Orthodox Jewish punk-rock novel, and the memoir Yom Kippur a Go-Go. He is an associate editor at and the co-founder of He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and daughter.

11/17/2009 5:00:00 AM
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