Hanukkah Holiday Gift Guide

Best Chanukkiahs

To be Kosher, a chanukkiah must have all the candles at the same level except the shamash (the helper candle). Here are some of Patheos' favorite chanukkiahs!

Trendy -- The Modern Metal Menorah from

Stunning -- The Stainless Steel Flame Menorah from This Menorah is stunning and designed by an Israeli industrial designer.

Most Affordable and On The Go -- Menorah Cork from  Perfect for college students or people who travel!

Best Jewelry/ Gifts for Women

Gents, you can't go wrong by getting your lady (or mom or sister) one of these beautiful and fun pieces!

The Protect Me! bracelet from by Paula.   A beautiful piece that offers the wearer a bit of extra protection with the blue stones and hamsas.

Polli Tree of Life Earrings by

"I am my beloved's" by A perfect gift for your wife or girlfriend. Inside you will find a declaration of love from the "Song of Songs" as written by King Solomon.

Silver hamsa with orange stone from

Israeli scarves from These stunning scarves are shot through with silver threads and very affordable!
Simple Cotton Scarves from We love these! Basic colors, durable, and really affordable!

Best Gifts for Men

Okay ladies, think your guy has everything? I bet he doesn't have these!

It's Pronounced Yarmulke t-shirt from

"Christ, That's Good Beer" t-shirt from What does G-d say when he drinks Shmaltz? "Christ, that's good beer." A must have!

He'Brew 16 oz. pint glasses from The Chosen Beer for the Chosen People!

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