Talia Hava Davis

Talia Hava Davis
Jewish Portal Manager

As the daughter, niece, granddaughter, and great-granddaughter of rabbis, Talia has been immersed in Jewish culture and communities throughout her life. As a young woman she lived in Israel and served as the Religious and Cultural Vice President of the Southeast Region of North American Federation of Temple Youth.

At Jacksonville University, Talia earned her bachelor's degree in Theatre and Dance Performance magna cum laude. After college she left a successful corporate career as a manager for Target stores in Los Angeles and Boulder to serve as the Public Relations Director for Ballet Nouveau Colorado. She taught in the summer program and gained attention for BNC from national publications.

Talia also wears many hats at Patheos, where she directs the Jewish Portal, manages the online community for the site as a whole, and assists in the development of the public relations strategy. She has developed an expertise in social media, incorporating social networking as well as viral video sites into her publicity and community-building plans. Talia's skills at ferreting out new networking tools, and her mastery of the geography of the World Wide Web, have been extremely beneficial to Patheos, especially when introducing the rest of the staff to these mysterious and magical creatures called "blogs" and "Facebook status updates."

Besides her professional commitments, Talia has trained hundreds of children in the theatre arts. She serves on the Advisory Board for E-3 Events for young Jewish singles in Denver and is a member of CultureHaus at the Denver Art Museum. Additionally, Talia is the Chapter Advisor for Gamma Phi Beta at the University of Colorado and sits on the Public Relations and Marketing committee for the local Panhellenic organization. Talia is also continuing her studies, earning a Master's Degree in Applied Communication with a focus on Public Relations and Marketing from the University of Denver.

Presently she enjoys attending synagogue at a variety of shuls that range from Chabad Orthodox to her father's post-denominational, Rocky Mountain Hai.

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