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By Patheos staff

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Uber Useful

iBlessing -$0.99
All in all, this is possibly this editor's favorite Jewish app. Is it ha'adama? Shehakol? Ha'aetz? This app will remind you what the correct blessing is for what you are eating. Turn up the volume and it will say it with you in Hebrew and English!

ParveOmeter - Free!
Never quite sure when you can switch from a meat meal to a dairy one? Really want that ice cream but you can't be sure when it's kosher to eat it? Try the ParveOmeter. Just press the meat or dairy button after you eat and it will count down for you. You can even set it to your local minhag (custom) for the dairy countdown!

Kosher - $4.99
Find the nearest Kosher restaurant. This is really helpful if you travel a lot. Pretty comprehensive. It runs off the database.

Tehillim - $1.99
Another Editor Favorite. If you are on track to read all the psalms in one month or in one week, this app can help you. Even if you just need some solace while waiting in line, read your favorite psalm or the psalm of your year. It's also considered good luck to carry tehillim with you...

Hebrew Calendar - $4.99
Functions just like iCal... only with Jewish dates! Has the Jewish holidays, an event-setting feature, can switch between Hebrew and Gregorian calendars, provides sunrise and sunset info. Keep watching this app... updates coming soon include the weekly Torah portion!

Kosher Cookbook - $2.99 (During December)
What a cool resource! Pick what you want to make... meat, dairy, or parve... and this app will guide you to the perfect recipe... and then help you build a shopping list!

Kotel Notes - $1.99
Can't get to Israel to put a note in the Kotel? No worries, this app will do it for you! Just type it on your iPhone and it will be printed in Israel and put in the Western Wall (the Kotel)!

Uber Fun

iMenorah - $2.99
A bit pricey for a once-a-year kinda thing but it is so cool. Light candles with a touch of your finger and watch the candles burn down. A great app for a household with small children, let them light their own virtual menorah!

Shabbat Candles - $0.99
It may not be totally Kosher but this app is great if you travel a lot. Light Shabbis candles every Friday night, no matter where in the world you are. It also helps you with the blessings! Part of the profit from this app is donated as tzadakah (charity).

Lulav Wizard - $0.99
Shake it, shake it, shake it like a Lulav! Can't find your Lulav and Etrog? Download this one and shake it! The realistic 3D motion caught our eye.

Uber Educational

Aleph-Bet Hebrew Alphabet - $0.99
We like this app because it is a fun way to learn the Hebrew letters, and a portion of their profits go to tzedakah (charity).

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