Top Jewish iPhone apps

Hebrew/English Translator - Free
Pretty simple app. Almost always gives the Hebrew as if you were speaking to a male but certainly gives you a quick and easy translation.

Uber Frummy (aka Super Jew)

Tefilla Pack - $2.99
If you know your way around Tefillos and Segulos, this is the app for you.

Shabbat Clock (Talking Version) - $0.99
Halacha prevents you from setting and turning off an alarm on Shabbis... but you still don't have any excuses for being late to shul now! You can set the alarm to go off on Shabbis and then shut itself off after 10, 15, or 30 seconds. No buttons to push!

Siddur (Zmanim/Luach) - $9.99
Fabulous app, has everything you need to davven anywhere... except transliterations and English. Just a heads up.


And a little humor for you:

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