Beauty in Death

The vast majority chooses to rest and learn before taking up the challenge of life again. The Learning Ones can choose to speak or find a means of communication with the physical realm. The choice of the communications is entirely up to the soul itself, through EVP, through séances, through mediums, through Ouija boards, or through crystal pendulums; essentially the list of the means of communications is endless.

Basically, the soul must stop and take time to learn and to rest before returning. However, in some cases, there can be a drive in the soul's being that circumvents that rest period, and most often it stems from Love. Yes, Love is the strongest of all our emotions; through our love we can accomplish anything we desire.

These souls who are driven to return for love are returning for their soul mates. The opportunity to find one's true soul mate is extremely difficult, and most spend several lifetimes achieving this objective. When the soul mate is found and one crosses over before the other, the soul is often driven to take the first body that is available. If the souls are placed further apart and separated by a world, when the souls do finally find each other, the new life is much younger than the older one, and the reunion is painfully brief. The drive to be with the soul mate can be blinding, and must be considered well before returning to this world.

The levels of the afterlife are several, and without some preparations in this life, the way to Summerland can be a confusing one.  This can lead to hauntings. The first level of the afterlife is aqueous, somewhat akin to a heavy fog, or a mist. This is the level we arrive at soon after our bodies die; we are still held here by the grief of those left behind or by seemingly unfinished tasks that we soon learn aren't that terribly important.

The grief of our loved ones will hurt us in this realm and will keep us from ascending any further, until we learn that we must move on and let our previous life go. This is the realm that many see if they experience a death or near-death experience.  There are some that see beyond this realm, but those numbers are few, unless they know the way from remembering previous crossings.

The hauntings here are of those who refuse to leave, where the Veil is the thinnest, and it requires little effort to part the Veil to communicate with others. The true efforts must come from the soul itself, fighting the desire to leave the aqueous regions. Some souls are driven by intense hatred or anger to stay here; others are driven by intense loves. The ones who are driven by hatred or anger typically are the poltergeists, or the malevolent ones. These are by far the most dangerous to encounter and should be approached only with intense knowledge and preparations. These generally mislead the average person, and the Witch is most often best equipped to deal with these. Even then, the Witch needs to be extremely careful and to be spiritually guarded at all times. The most potent weapon against these is, believe it or not, Love. They don't wish to be reminded of what they have lost.

Others are just are just wandering, and not all who wander are lost. Some may have already returned to Summerland and returned to the lower levels to learn and to guide those who wish to ascend but have forgotten how. These souls can frequently travel back and forth between our realm and Summerland, with proper training and knowledge beforehand.

There are yet others who are on the "same wavelength" so to speak. These demonstrate vibrational energies that match those of an individual here and of a soul within the Veil. Even then, the soul has the choice of not answering or heeding the call.

A soul within Summerland doesn't have to respond to those here in our realm unless the call makes them happy, or they wish to convey a warning, or they desire to express a very deep love to those whose energies match theirs, or they wish to ask that a message be sent to those left behind. There are a very talented few who are able to "tune" their energies to those they are wishing to contact, making the communications easier for both sides.

The decision to return... that is left to the individual, almost entirely. The reason I say almost entirely is the fact that my own soul has been on the move for some 600-plus years, and yet Hecate has already stated that requests from me to return will be denied. I need to rest, and to take time to absorb my previous lives and all the experiences that go with them. Otherwise, the soul is responsible for planning its growth, with guides, of course, who see the patterns within a life or lifetimes and advise the soul what is needed still to grow.

The end of our journeys is to finally stay with our Goddess and God, knowing we are indeed complete, and that nothing further can be learned from life or this realm. The rest comes from them directly. That is our soul's final destination, to never again leave our Goddess and God, from whom we have learned all we possibly could, and we are at peace with ourselves and all that we have done and no longer will we suffer or set ourselves in harm's way.

2/2/2010 5:00:00 AM
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