Beyond Me: On Melinda Doolittle

Through it all, Melinda's story eagerly affirms the positive, guiding influence of her faith. The title, Beyond Me, is an acknowledgement of her trust in God. Her description of the moment when it was announced that she had been voted off provides a powerful example of graceful acceptance that is evidence of a strong faith. She recalls that for a long time afterward, she was often asked how she managed a sincere smile instead of breaking into tears upon hearing the announcement. Her conclusion is that "God gave me the peace I needed before I needed it."

Melinda Doolittle is a talented singer who is passionate about her art. Her book is a plainly spoken, yet captivating story of how talent and passion are forged into achievement through taking risks, working hard, and having faith. The details are shared as one friend to another, generously enhanced with lots of great advice but not the least bit preachy. True to the title, the real essence of this tale is not Melinda but rather comes from the values and faith that nourish, support, and sustain her. She is indeed, as Simon Cowell put it, "a breath of fresh air" who is well equipped and joyfully eager to share those values with the world.

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6/24/2010 4:00:00 AM