Catholic Fundamentalism Is Institutionally Rational

Still, there is some quite interesting stuff here about the human psychology of doubt, conviction, and what counts as evidence. This did not, however, translate for this viewer into a meaningful exploration of religious apostasy. (The final scene overstretches even Streep's considerable talent, when we are asked to believe that the hardened battleaxe is wracked by inner doubts.) It's power and moral authority that matter here, not religiosity. But maybe that's the point.

Nick YoungNick Young is an independent, British writer who has spent more than twenty years living and working in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. His work has appeared in publications ranging from Pensamiento Propio to The Financial Times as well as China Development Brief, which he founded in 1996. This article is reprinted with permission from his site,

6/18/2010 4:00:00 AM
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