Trial by Fire: Serving an LDS Mission

The way I think about my mission now mirrors the way I think about the church. Whatever flaws, or what I perceive to be flaws, come through the leadership or programs of the church are less important than my own spiritual and ecclesiastical experiences. I own my Mormon experiences. It's my church.

M. Norbert Kilmer was a kid from an obscure corner of Los Angeles County. He dressed like a missionary in the Netherlands and Belgium, picked up a B.A. from BYU in political science and English, and got an M.A. in composition theory from Cal State Northridge, which is better than it sounds. He now lives with his wife and three boys in Helsinki, Finland, where he teaches high school English, occasionally lectures on American film, and hangs around looking cool. M. Norbert Kilmer blogs at bycommonconsent

6/1/2010 4:00:00 AM