Kore's Nightmare

There is no savior but us, and we are tiny. Our capacity for healing and destruction far outweighs our stature. If there is a meaning to our life here on Earth, it is to protect her. Life is good, so good, and we should strive to protect the planet that supports our life. It's common sense. Risky drilling? Toxic emissions? Clear-cut forests? Stop it! Are you crazy? This is it! There is nowhere else to go. This is the only sure thing, the only Earth there is.

Upon considering that this might be my last lifetime on Earth, and that the Earth herself may not always be so green, pleasant, and hospitable to humanity, I ate a second brownie, put on some Loreena McKennit, pet the dog sleeping at my feet, and berated myself for every time I didn't recycle, drove to somewhere within walking distance, used Styrofoam, passed up a hug, didn't risk a kiss, and settled for something less than living this life to the fullest.

I am not the greenest person I know but I cannot live without the Earth, so I have to do better. Global warming, deforestation, airborne and waterborne pollutants all seem small, manageable problems. What will drive me and keep me committed is the thought of the Earth as I know it being eradicated entirely.

It's sad that it took a piece of yellow journalism to make me see this clearly, that all the good science didn't really sink in. Even Al Gore and his charts didn't make me cry. Surely just seeing the ice disintegrating in the Arctic should have made me realize: "This thing you do everyday? Breathing oxygen, drinking water, and sitting beneath trees? Well, it could end.

" I suppose the lesson is that it is, in fact, an ill wind that blows some good. Mr. Aym had a profound effect on me despite his unwarranted hysteria.

Life will go on, in myriad and wonderful ways all across the Universe. That's beyond our ability to affect or change. However, if we enjoy our life on Earth and believe that this life on this planet is a good thing, then we may have the ability to help preserve and protect it. Teddy Roosevelt once said, "Do what you can where you are with what you have." Well, here we are: what can we do and what tools do we have? Let's get to work. Our Mother needs us.

7/19/2010 4:00:00 AM
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