Western Buddhism and the Indefinite Future

I am curious and optimistic. At the same time I will close with a painful question. The true faith of globalization is materialism. Its true religion is consumerism. The 21st-century question is: will we see the victory of human and planetary interdependence, or the hollow triumph of one world in which humans turn each other and everything else in to objects. Which way will we choose? 


Hozan Alan Senauke is a Soto Zen Buddhist priest, vice-abbot of Berkeley Zen Center, where he lives with his family. Alan is founder of the Clear View Project, developing Buddhist-based resources for relief and social change. In the last several years, Clear View has supported India's ex-untouchable Buddhists, and Burma's monks, nuns, and activists in their yearning for democracy. He has been a leader of Buddhist Peace Fellowship since 1991. In another realm, Alan has been a close student and active performer of American traditional music for nearly fifty years. Alan can be reached at alan@clearviewproject.org.

7/8/2010 4:00:00 AM
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