The Solstice Celebration That Wasn't

I grow very tired of seeing people fooling around with sacred things. I grow increasingly angry to see rituals led by people who have only their own self-aggrandizement, their own egos in mind. If you want to perform, fine, perform, but do it in someone else's sandbox. I see this all the time with Pagan and Heathen rituals: a lack of mindfulness, respect, and even proper preparation. Once sacred space is called, there's no chit chat. There's no bumbling, fumbling, or inessential conversation. There is action, devotion, and focus on the Holy Powers. Every action that takes place from the moment sacred space is summoned should in some way point toward the Holy Powers and if a person can't do that consistently, mindfully, and well, then that person has no business leading any public rites or indeed any rites at all.

In this case, it wasn't (to my knowledge) a Pagan or Heathen leading this ritual. It was an artist from my town who wanted to do something nice for the Solstice. Gods bless her. I hope those there enjoyed themselves. I also wish that next time, maybe she'd consult with people who hold this time of year, and the elements associated with it, as sacred before using them as props in her show . . . and calling it ritual.

2/2/2011 5:00:00 AM
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  • Galina Krasskova
    About Galina Krasskova
    The author of several books on the Northern Tradition, Galina Krasskova is a Heathen priest, shaman, and devotee of Odin. She blogs at Gangleri's Grove.
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