A Little Give-and-Take with God

The Male-Female Dynamic
This Kabbalistic balancing act has one of its clearest expressions in the Male-Female dynamic.

The most potent portrayal is in the reproductive system. The man has millions of sperm, a tremendous power to give life in potential (Right); but it is the woman's side of things, the one egg, that constricts (Left) the man's almost endless potential to give life; yet it is through her that the man's potential power to give life becomes realized and actualized (Middle).

Our putting on clothing in this Right-Left-Middle format embodies the fact that the human being (God's clothing) has this process going on through him. God, being beyond all limitation, is in a sense, "good in potential." After all, how good can God be if there is no real opportunity to do anything else? Meaning to say, of course God is the Ultimate Good, but how can God's goodness really be manifest if there is no real inclination to any alternative to goodness?

For this reason, God creates us, aspects of Himself hidden from the clarity of Himself for the purpose of bringing out Godliness and goodliness in an arena where an alternative to goodness does exist. By choosing to act Godly and goodly we actualize the clarity of God in this world that is otherwise, in a sense, "in potential," waiting to be manifest here in this world of non-clarity. In this manner, we are the Left by which God's Right becomes actualized.

As the clothes conceal yet reveal, we reveal through the concealment. As the Left constricts for the purpose of ultimate actualization, we actualize that which is constricted. We are each unique aspects of "God's clothes" expressing the Wearer in a world of God-concealment.

3/30/2011 4:00:00 AM
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