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For the past 10 years Rabbi Eliyahu Yaakov has been working to educate and inspire Jews of all backgrounds to take a fresh look at their Jewish heritage from the perspectives of Jewish Philosophy and Kabbalah.  With a plethora of parallels and explanatory precision, Rabbi Eli succeeds in communicating abstract ideas in a clear and meaningful way to the well-read student and the newcomer alike.  Rabbi Eli's world-renowned lectures and writings have captured the minds and hearts of many, and have helped to open the door for those looking to integrate truth and spirituality into their lives in a down-to-earth manner.  By dealing with the whys of Judaism in a sophisticated yet practical way, Rabbi Eli's teachings are a breath of fresh air for anyone searching for happiness, love, fulfillment, wholeness, or themselves, as he breaks Jewish stereotypes and misconceptions along the way.

Rabbi Eli moved to Israel from New Jersey in 2001 and currently lives in the Old City of Jerusalem where he, along with his family, hosts hundreds of Jewish students and travelers for inspirational Shabbat meals each year.

Books authored include Human By Choice: A Kabbalistic Path To Self Help (National Light), Shabbos Insights of the Maharal (Targum), and The Trees In The Forest: Jewish Living In The Context Of Kabbalah (National Light).

For more from Rabbi Eliyahu Yaakov or to order his books, visit: www.lightuntoournation.com 

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