God Spots and the True Self

In matter of fact, the Oral Torah relates a story that took place during the destruction of the Temple itself: To add insult to injury, those perpetrating the destruction wanted the first person to plunder the Temple to be a Jew. A Jew named Yosef Meshisa took the task upon himself, entered the Temple, and brought out the Menorah (Candelabra). Upon exiting the Temple with the Menorah, they asked him to re-enter and bring out another item in an attempt to further disgrace the Jewish people and their God. However, this time Yosef refused. They tried to convince him to do it, offering him wealth and prestige, but he would not budge, so they turned to threatening him with death and torture. Still Yosef refused. In the end, Yosef was tortured and killed by use of an axe. While experiencing this, Yosef cried out—not because of the immense physical pain he was undergoing but because of the immense pain of regret he felt for initially plundering the Temple at the time of the Jewish people's demise.

In one moment, Yosef Meshisa changed himself from the ultimate villain to the ultimate hero. Even when he was acting as the grand villain, there was an inner spark of who he really was that was waiting to be brought forth.

Certainly this is the story of each of us.

Perhaps we have done things we are not all that proud of, but if we look inside we discover that this is not really who we are at our core. If Yosef Mashisa can access this point within himself even after acting as the grand Jewish trader, certainly we each have the capacity to turn things around.

Once you have found a single Godly aspect within yourself, note that this is the real you.

Even if the majority of your actions seem to say otherwise, they are of no consequence since the only real reflection of you was in the point of goodness—only that point of goodness reflects the Godliness that you really are. When you realize that it is only the good that is you, all the rest comes to be seen in its true light—as a distraction and deviation from your true self; as a put-up job masking who you really are.

The moment you come to terms with this, you judge yourself differently—favorably—and you let go. You start to notice more good points about yourself. And gradually you align your consciousness with the perspective that the mistakes and mis-moves you make are not the real you. Eventually your actions begin to change in accord with your identity and outlook. And the more spots of God you find within yourself, the more you become a God Spot.

4/27/2011 4:00:00 AM
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