Virtual Veneration: Online Shrines

Here is a list of working shrines that I visit regularly. (Three of them are the ones that I sponsored and the rest either created by colleagues or recommended to me by various folks during the writing of this article.) This is hardly an exhaustive list, but it's a place to start. Because I am Heathen, these shrines are mostly biased in that direction, but several people emailed me with links to their favorite shrines as well, so there are a few Hellenic, Kemetic, Sumerian, and Celtic shrines in the mix too:

Working Virtual Shrines

The Facebook shrine to the ancestors I mentioned above

Frey, Golden God of the Harvest

Norse Gods of the Sea: Ran, Aegir, and Their Nine Daughters

Kari, God of the North Wind
Logi, God of Hungry Flame

Angurboda, Ironwood Chieftain, Jotun Goddess

The Goddess Mengloth, and Healing Goddesses

The Moon God Mani, the Sun Goddess Sunna, and Their Family

Breiðablik Temple: A Northern Tradition Temple dedicated to Odin and Frey

Author E. Vongvisith's Loki shrine

Sigyn, Loki, Heimdall and several other Gods
Another for Sigyn and Her sons

Bragi, God of poets

Idunna, Goddess of health and youthfulness




The Ancestors - go and light a virtual candle to your dead








Forgotten Goddesses


Another to Sekhmet


Temple to Hekate

The Horned Gods.

This is only the list of personal shrines that I know of, or that I regularly visit. I'm not the internet generation, remember. My instinct isn't necessarily to search the web for ways to make offerings.

So, I know there are more out there and I encourage my readers to post links to working shrines so that we can all explore them, add them to our lists, and maybe, just maybe, leave an offering.

A big thank you to everyone who emailed me their favorite shrines for inclusion.

4/12/2011 4:00:00 AM
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