For God's Sake: Celebrating Bin Laden's Death

Therefore, we find in the Torah that when the Jewish people were saved from the Egyptians at the Splitting of the Sea, they sang out to God in thanks and in praise—in thanks because of the personal benefit of being saved from and "lifted above" enemies attempting to kill them; and in praise because it was through the enemies of the Jewish people being decidedly annihilated and "brought down" that the Chillul Hashem manifested in the unimaginable persecution of the Jews under Pharaoh's reign was done away with and Kiddush Hashem ensued.

Today's case is similar.

As a well-known enemy of the Jewish people, and by extension an enemy of the God that the Jewish people represent, is "brought down," let us raise a glass and say l'chaim—not from a place of egotism, but from a place of humility. Let us thank God and let us praise God for the doing away with the Chillul Hashem of bin Laden, and the Kiddush Hashem that ensues when consequences are meted out to those who attack the Jewish people and the upstanding citizens of humanity.

This article is drawn from Rabbi Eliyahu Yaakov's book, The Trees in the Forest: Jewish Living in the Context of Kabbalah. To order visit

5/2/2011 4:00:00 AM
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