In Defense of Bachmann's Base

Again, if you're a regular visitor to Patheos, whether you align with the Evangelical, Catholic, or Progressive Christian portal, you are Taibbi's "them." So, too (and maybe more so), are your fellow parishioners and friends, your classmates and colleagues. Honestly, I hope Bachmann's campaign for the presidency ends before it really gets going; I hope she's a blip on the radar screen of media attention. But, no matter how long she stays around, those of us who stand in the gap between devout adherence to religion and progressive politics have to do everything in our power to see that it doesn't continue to widen. There will always be an "us" and "them" dichotomy, but progressive Christians are uniquely poised to help the two sides talk with, and, just maybe, understand one another.

6/28/2011 4:00:00 AM
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