Traveler's Prayer, Part Two: A True Torah Scholar

When in a place that is unsettled, a month that is unelevated, or in a situation that requires character traits still undeveloped, the result of delving into Torah as the universal spiritual source of all there is, is that I am no longer travelling alone, limited to the bitterness of a moment in time, nor constrained by petty egotism. I am raised beyond the fragmentation of this world of multiplicity to a higher sense of universal self.

The Righteous Peacemaker
Therefore, the true Torah scholar—the one who is immersed in Torah—is considered as the Torah itself. He has climbed Individualistic Torah and exists in Universalistic Torah. For this reason, there are some Chassidic sects that are accustomed to give their Rebbe a kiss the way many Jews are accustomed to give the Torah a kiss. In this manner, the tzaddik—the righteous Torah personality—is "larger" than individualistic life, and thus, able to intuit and guide the individuals associated with him to their proper place and path. In a sense, the tzaddik is the Universal Soul that "encompasses" numerous Individual Souls.

Ultimately, it is this Universal Soul that increases peace in the world since it steers the multiple individual parts to their proper place in the greater puzzle that is this world.

In a sense, the tzaddik—the Universal Soul—is like the conductor of a symphony placing and guiding each individual aspect of the orchestra—the Individualistic Souls—toward their proper path, resulting in harmony and fulfillment for all in a manner unachievable were each instrument to be playing to the beat of its own drum.

6/29/2011 4:00:00 AM
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