Debt-Ceiling Dreams

Suddenly, members of Congress rose to their feet. "You lie!" they screamed. They called Jim a socialist, a communist, a tax-and-spend Democrat. Jim responded with something about being an independent, but his single voice was drowned out by their yelling.

The mayhem startled me, and I again awoke. Still drowsy, I looked down at the Bible lying open on my lap. A gentle breeze blew and the page turned. Now the fifth chapter of James demanded my attention. As I read it, I began to pray, "Lord, have mercy" once again. But my heart told me that we need more than mercy. So I began to pray for more than mercy. I began to pray for our world—beginning with my own nation—to become more just. More compassionate. More equitable. More right.

The more I prayed, the more awake I became, yet the more real my dreams seemed to be.

Click here for background on the economic data presented in this dream. For more on the theological data, see James 5:1-20.

7/13/2011 4:00:00 AM