The Enduring Witness of St. Ignatius

As we do so this weekend, in honor of St. Ignatius's feast day (July 31), it is worth remembering that we are, in fundamental ways, no different than the Basque soldier who loved women and a good brawl. Our egos accumulate compulsions and expectations, and we serve them daily in exchange for, or in the hope of, the assurance that things will go as planned.

But the work of Christ often needs something different. It needs bold, ludicrous faith. It needs men and women who will turn away from a lighted path for a road that is dark and lacks signage. Remember: when Ignatius's leg had healed and he walked out of his family home, he had no idea what lie ahead. He emptied himself fully, and he risked everything—reputation, security, health, friends, family - in single-minded pursuit of union with God.

Thus, as we go about our days and steal quiet moments to imagine our futures, we might ask ourselves the explosive question:

"Suppose we should do as St. Ignatius did?"

7/28/2011 4:00:00 AM