Can America Still Do Great Things?

America can still do great things. But we must expect great things of ourselves. Our vision must include fiscal responsibility, yet if our national scope extends only to lower taxes and balancing the budget, we are lost spiritually and politically. We need to dream of big things, but this comes from imagination, adventure, compassion, and sacrifice. We need to dream of our grandchildren's future and this means caring for the earth.

While scripture gives no prescription on the size of government, it is clear that scripture sees government as a force for social justice and care for the vulnerable. It is a vehicle, as the prophets clearly say, for promoting ethical business practices and care for the poor. To achieve this today, we can't "starve the beast" [the government] but must seek a "big enough" government to promote social welfare and equal rights, protect and nurture the environment, encourage creativity, build infrastructure, and secure our safety and peace among nations.

Though the exact nature of our national vocation may elude us, we are obliged to be a light among nations in our affirmation of justice, creativity, and care for the whole earth.

8/2/2011 4:00:00 AM