What if the Crack in the Washington Monument Really Is a Sign?

If the crack in the monument is, in fact, a God-sent "sign" for the moment, then what might God be saying? And to whom is he speaking? We hear constantly about how "broken" are our government, our economy, our political system. As people of faith, shouldn't the followers of Christ be even more concerned about broken lives, broken souls and perhaps even a broken church that God is calling to serve a desperate nation and world?

When the cracks in the monument were discovered earlier this week, Robert Vogel, superintendent of the National Mall and Memorial, said in a statement: "The Washington Monument is one of America's most important landmarks, and we will do whatever it takes to ensure that it is restored completely and correctly." That is the commitment of the caretaker of the historic monument. While Vogel and his team repair the physical breach, the question remains: Will the church also do "whatever it takes" to restore the nation's spirit?

8/29/2011 4:00:00 AM