Praise for "Commander of the Faithful"

"John Kiser has given us an absorbing and beautifully written story of a great hero who is a model warrior for Muslims and non-Muslims alike. The reader is bound to be moved by the life of this remarkable man who was the very opposite of a fanatic, and when (the reader) closes the book, it will be with a vastly enhanced understanding of the ethical and spiritual commonalities between Christianity and Islam."
Jane Geniesse, author of The Passionate Nomad: The Life of Freya Stark

"John Kiser's Commander of the Faithful is an extremely important book for both Muslim and non-Muslim audiences. With remarkable detail, Kiser describes the 19th century Abd el-Kader's struggle against French colonialism in Algeria, a rebellion he waged with courage, dignity, and chivalry, earning him the respect of the very people he was fighting. Muslims remain profoundly lacking in modern heroic exemplars, and in Abd el-Kader, we can look to a leader - a scholar, spiritual master, and warrior - who struggled for justice in his own society without transgressing the limits of just war. Kiser does a fantastic job of introducing us to this hero, and I can't wait for others to read the book!"
Daisy Khan, Executive Director, American Society for Muslim Advancement

"Skillful, fascinating, and relevant..."
Robert Earle, Commander of the Faithful by John Kiser—A Review

"I thank John Kiser for his writing the book. It is a must read for anyone wanting to understand the true Arab hero, one hundred and fifty years ago and today. I was intrigued with the Emir and his absolute commitment to his God, his family and his fellow man (including his enemies)."
Gordon Meriweather, Captain, US Navy (Ret.); columnist for Culpeper Star-Exponent

"Your work is most excellent and timely. I hope it gets a widespread distribution and reading."
Hamza Yusuf, Founder, Zaytuna Institute

"I'm a huge fan of John Kiser's work. I have used his previous book Monks of Tibhirine many times in courses and in my own research....I have read Commander of the Faithful, which is another brilliant book that I will use in my Algeria and France class again this fall."
James D. Le Sueur, Associate Professor, Department of History, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

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9/1/2011 4:00:00 AM