The Ritual Bath of Hope

(Interestingly, the Hebrew words for immersion, nullification, and manifestation—TOVeL, BiTUL, and BOLeT respectively—are each made up of the same Hebrew letters, indicating that immersion in a mikvah nullifies the "lower" constrictive sense of self [i.e., Otherness], thus allowing for the manifestation of the "higher" expansive sense of self [Essential Identity].)

It comes out that by making oneself "small," one becomes big, whereas, by making oneself "big," one becomes small. When the puzzle piece makes itself "big"—i.e., independent from the puzzle—it becomes small, disconnected from the bigger picture. And, when the puzzle piece makes itself small—i.e., seeing itself as an aspect of the puzzle --it becomes big, part of the bigger picture. Thus, the egotistical arrogance of Otherness leads to the smallness of insecurity, whereas, the Godly humility of nullification leads to the grandness of Essential Identity.

To put it simply:

Otherness leads to arrogance leads to insecurity.

Nullification leads to humility leads to Essential Identity.

9/14/2011 4:00:00 AM
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