"Catholicism", a Cultural Prayer

Foreign, perhaps to a culture that strives only to avoid suffering. Fr. Barron helps us make sense of suffering, maybe even seek it, to be one with our Lord who died for love of us. What a story! What an alternative vision of the world as we frequently live in it, for it, surrendered to it!

Catholicism is, in fact, A Journey to the Heart of the Faith. Don't just read it, don't just watch it. Live it. Take others with you, by buying a copy for your parish, watching it nights with family or friends. By living it—sustained by the sacraments inside those open doors, throughout the world, wherever you are, living in grace, taking his love to all on your daily journey.

Catholicism should never be approached without a prayer that we, too, may tell the story as Fr. Barron does—with our talents, with our prayers, with our lives.

As Archbishop Charles Chaput recently said at his during his installation in Philadelphia: "Jesus Christ is the center of our lives, and the Church is our mother and teacher. Everything we do should flow from that." That's Catholicism. That's Catholicism. That's where the door leads. If we truly enter, we will never leave. He died to keep us from ever having to.

10/6/2011 4:00:00 AM
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