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All Is Grace: A Ragamuffin Memoir
By Brennan Manning

Max Lucado"Brennan's memoir is at once unvarnished and confessional, grippingly honest and poignantly tender. An unguarded peek into a life marked by foibles and blessings, gifts and pain, joy and regret. But always, in every paragraph, grace. Brennan has lived it, experienced it, and grasps the extraordinary power of God's great gift."
Max Lucado, pastor and bestselling author

"For as long as I've known him, Brennan Manning has acknowledged that his life is a bundle of paradoxes. By revealing more of his story in his final written work, he strains to convince us that he was telling the truth. Focusing on his shameful flaws and God's incomprehensible grace this firebrand preacher cries again the message that he's proclaimed for over forty years, that, whether or not you choose to believe it, All Is Grace."
Fil Anderson, author of Running On Empty and Breaking the Rules

"Brennan Manning has touched many lives, mine included. This poignant memoir reaffirms his truthful message that weakness and failure are not things to be despised but well-lit paths straight into the arms of our Lord."
Ashley Cleveland, three-time Grammy award winner

"Brennan has always woven bits and pieces of his life's story into his sermons and books. Here, at last, he shares the entire hurtful, redemptive story."
Michael Card, musician and Bible teacher

"Brennan has done it again, offering us a deeply personal book that deals with the brutal honesty of his life's failures and the grace so many fear. It is truly beautiful."
Jay Bakker, co-pastor of Revolution NYC and author of Fall to Grace and Son of a Preacher Man

"I count myself among the scores who have been touched by Brennan's life message. He saw life in me when I felt dead and he was moved by goodness in me when I was bad. Through Brennan, grace is now more real to me. This memoir will make it more real for you."
Dr. Larry Crabb, psychologist, spiritual director, and author of Inside Out, Shattered Dreams, and 66 Love Letters

"Whileit may very well be Brennan Manning's parting word to us, All is Grace is no deathbed confession. In these soul-stirring pages, Brennan testifies once again of a stubborn, messy grace that does not cleanse us as much as it stains us, and marks us forever as one precious to the Most High God. As the old hymn says: Some through the water, some the floods, some through the fire, but all through the blood ...God leads his dear children along. And, as Brennan has shown us in All is Grace, God leads us when we stumble face-down, too. All is Grace is the book for all who stumble."
Karen Spears Zacharias, author of Will Jesus Buy Me a Doublewide?

"Brennan once shared with me that you can't compare your insides with everyone else's outsides. This book is a brutally honest look ‘behind the curtain' at the man many consider the wizard of spirituality. Whether you're just starting on a spiritual journey or you're on the national speaking circuit, this book is a must-read. I guarantee you'll gain perspective about the pitfalls, the joys, and the ultimate reality of grace in a ragamuffin world."
Spencer Burke, author, creator of theooze.com, and director of MissionPlanting.com

"This is the bittersweet tale of a great sinner, whose appetite for personal destruction is only just eclipsed by his hunger for God. Brennan's transparency is a sweet gift to all who struggle to measure up, or cover up, and a witness to the strength and spaciousness of grace."
Greg Paul, author of God in the Alley and The Twenty-Piece Shuffle

"Brennan's insistence upon telling the whole truth about his life—and about the grace that has permeated even its most broken places—makes this book not only a page-turner but a life-changer. It is one thing to preach about the unconditional love of our Abba Father, it's quite another to incarnate the truth of that message in the particular pleasures and profound pain of your own deeply personal story. It's tempting to call this book brutally honest, but that's all wrong—it's grace-fully honest, and a very good gift."
Carolyn Arends, recording artist and author

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