Praise for The Church and New Media

Mike AquilinaMike Aquilina author and vice-president of the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology

"If St. Peter, St. Ignatius, and St. Augustine had access to today's new media, they would do exactly the same things as the contributors to this book. The Church and New Media carries the Church's mission into the digital age, and is better than a graduate degree in media. You'll learn "what works" from Catholics who are already spreading the Gospel through these tools. Marshall McLuhan would be well pleased."

James MartinJames Martin, S.J. author of "The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything"

"This important new book reminds all Catholics of the need to use any means at our disposal to spread the Gospel. After all, Jesus of Nazareth used easy-to-understand images like birds, seeds and clouds in the medium known as the parable to convey his message. Today's evangelical media are blogs, websites and social media (and no doubt something invented in the last few months). If Jesus could speak about the birds of the air, then we should not be afraid of Tweeting."

Amy WelbornAmy Welborn popular Catholic author and blogger

"In The Church and New Media, Brandon Vogt presents helpful essays from a variety of Catholics active in online ministry. The experiences and advice of this diverse group of bloggers, social networkers and internet evangelists will be helpful to any Catholic seeking to utilize the internet to present the Catholic faith as well as to understand its risks and potential."

Elizabeth ScaliaElizabeth Scalia Managing Editor, Catholic Portal, and the blogger known as "The Anchoress"

"As the Catholic Church makes a dynamic entry into the virtual arena-encouraging its priests, religious and lay people to embrace alternative media, and introducing its own multi-media brand in Church and New Media is that rarest of things: precisely the right book, released at precisely the right time.

Brandon Vogt has a true journalist's ability to bring disparate components together for analysis and breakdown; here he manages to use well-known and newer voices to demonstrate the power of this revolutionary means of evangelization, and its lasting impact. This is relevant, timely reading for Catholics who wonder how emerging media can positively impact the life of faith in the 21st Century."

Sr. Helena Burns, F.S.P. Sr. Helena Burns, F.S.P. Media Literacy Educator for the Daughters of St. Paul and Pauline Books and Media

"The Church and New Media is the book for all engaged Catholics to be reading and talking about! It is full of sage advice for utilizing the exciting panoply of new media.

Its unique format lets the Catholic new media movers, shakers, and early-adopters to tell their own stories. The book introduces us to some of its stellar leaders who are answering both the call of both Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI to carry out the New Evangelization."

10/1/2011 4:00:00 AM