Praise for The Church and New Media

Mark HartMark Hart Vice President of Life Teen International and author of "Blessed are the Bored in Spirit"

"The Church and New Media is a timely and necessary read for all serving the Church today. The book's lucid insights and practical ideas should be shared and replicated by Catholics around the globe.

For years the Church has been challenged to share the gospel with a digital, screen-based culture. But The Church and New Media offers some viable solutions, a sorely needed guide for the 21st-century Catholics.

If those entrusted with handing on the faith subscribe to the principles within this book, the Gospel will undoubtedly take root in our modern, tech-savvy culture."

Dan AndriaccoDan Andriacco author of "Screen Saved" and Communications Director for Archdiocese of Cincinnati

"Brandon Vogt has compiled an outstanding handbook of digital evangelism, written by some of the most successful pioneers in the field. From theological underpinnings to practical advice, this book has something new to tell you wherever you are - from Catholic mom with a blogging itch to diocesan professional. I particularly appreciated the often-repeated admonition to avoid negativity in our digital communications and instead embrace the faith with joy. That's the way to evangelize!"

John DyerJohn Dyer author of "From the Garden to the City: The Redeeming and Corrupting Power of Technology"

"Brandon Vogt has assembled some of the best examples of Catholics stepping into our media-saturated, technology-dominated world in order to draw people to Christ. Vogt is careful to point out the potential negatives that can come with today's technology, but rather than concluding that we should fearfully reject the new tools, he and his fellow writers show us how to enthusiastically and deftly embrace them."

Kevin LowryKevin Lowry Chief Operating Officer for The Coming Home Network International and author of Faith at Work

"The Church and New Media is a powerful, inspirational book. Brandon and his contributing writers describe how New Media empowers us all to become instruments of grace and sowers of the seeds of conversion. What are we waiting for? Let's join Brandon in gratefully working out our calling to win souls for Christ - one heart at a time."

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10/1/2011 4:00:00 AM