Do We Take Our Voices to Heaven?

Because her children have learned both the positive effect of their prayers on others and the benefit to themselves, they are more likely to continue these practices when no one is looking.

Celebrations are another natural and highly effective way to bring the Faith vividly to life for children. By celebrating the liturgical year's many saint's days and solemnities, children engage joyfully in a Catholic culture rich in heritage; food, crafts, stories, and, best of all, heavenly friendships.

Tracey recommends the first grade art book by Seton, which has wonderful crafts for use throughout liturgical year. Even her older children enjoy them. I love this website, by Lacy Rabideau, packed full of great Catholic crafting projects.

Catholic author, Cay Gibson, uses children's books to draw her children into our traditions, and has written two superb resources, "Catholic Mosaic," and "Christmas Mosaic" available from Hillside Education. Both are illustrated picture-book studies for use with children, complete with lesson plans. I highly recommend these thoughtful, creative resources, and am very proud to announce that Cay now writes a column at my newly-designed and re-launched website. Stop by and leave a comment!

In honor of our newly refurbished site and the holy season of Advent, we're going to be giving away some of Cay's books, along with many others, starting December 5th. I'll keep you posted as we gear up to celebrate and bring you lots more free resources for teaching the Faith to the children you love.

God bless you!

11/30/2011 5:00:00 AM
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