Spiritual Stubbornness

Contrast that individual with someone who sporadically follows up on the priorities and commitments he's set for himself and learns based on his whim or mood. While this second person is involved with the goodness, Torah, and spirituality to some degree as well, he is involved with it in a non-spiritual manner. This second person's learning is going to be dependent on a whole slew of physical, natural, and inclination-oriented factors (i.e., what his day brings his way, his mood, etc.).

Clearly, designating a time and/or place for Torah study and all that truly matters is the most appropriate and effective way by which we can learn Torah and grow personally. After all, it parallels what Torah itself is all about; just as Torah lays out the deliberate and orderly manner in which one is to direct and apply his will over the randomness and chaotic nature of his thoughts, emotions, and desires for the purpose of bringing out his soul-side and manifesting God in the world, so too, the learning of Torah in a deliberate and orderly manner—as opposed to an arbitrary or wishy-washy manner—is most appropriate and advantageous to the Torah learning itself.

No Exceptions

It is important to note that the principle of designating time for Torah and prioritizing spirituality and personal growth means No Exceptions. Sometimes a person will "decide" to dedicate a particular time to do something positive, yet somehow manage to explain away every night's failure to buckle down and get-r-done as being an exception to the rule.
However, even in the event that a person misses or forgoes his designated commitment to learning or spirituality, Jewish law lays out the backup plan: make sure not to go to sleep without making up what it was that you had designated to accomplish. Thus, such an individual at least holds on to some level of the designated Torah study.

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