Where Do We Spend Our Money?

So what does this society spend its money on? And, by extension, who does our society glorify as the personification of its goals, ideals, and aspirations?

Is it the teachers of their children?


Is it the aid and relief workers?

Nope. Most of them are actually expected to volunteer for their positions.

Rather, it's those people who are hitting those homeruns, putting the ball in the hoop, throwing touchdown passes. It's those people who are in the movies and on TV. That's who our society considers to be "really making it." After all, what are you going to set as your Facebook profile picture—you with the aid worker who just got back from Africa, or you with Lady Gaga?

Just think about what posters were on the walls of your room when you were a kid, and you can see exactly what our society is teaching us to value, hold near-and-dear, and, ultimately, to emulate.

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12/15/2011 5:00:00 AM