Your Body Won't Let You Keep Your Resolutions

Andrew Newberg is a neuroscientist and researcher of the effect of spirituality in the brain. He and colleagues write that through prayer "the brain becomes more sensitive to subtle realms of experience." Meditation on God changes a person's attitude and behavior in ways that other forms of concentration or awareness do not. According to Newberg, "religious and spiritual contemplation changes your brain in a profoundly different way because it strengthens a unique neural circuit that specifically enhances social awareness and empathy while subduing destructive feelings and emotions."

Spiritual growth as well as personal change is possible with the aid of prayer. While God may change us through divine intervention, he has also uniquely enabled us to exercise our spiritual capacities in ways that make keeping one's New Year's resolutions possible.

As science discovers more about how our bodies influence our thoughts and actions, we are reminded in new and deeper ways of our need for physical and spiritual transformation. However our bodies may shape our sin, we trust in a God who has promised to provide all that we need as we seek to become people shaped more by Christ and less by our cravings.

1/16/2012 5:00:00 AM