Feet on the Ground: Reflections on Fighting HIV/AIDS in Africa

As the missionaries taught the Maasai elders the facts about HIV/AIDS, the elders decided they needed to make a teaching video about HIV prevention with Maasai voices and examples. That has been done, and is now being shown all over Maasai-land in Tanzania. Along with the teaching from science comes teaching from the Bible, that there is another culture—God's culture—that teaches faithfulness to one's spouse, love for one's neighbor, and the protection of women and children. At-risk behaviors are changing and the rate of HIV infection has dropped remarkably in that area of Tanzania.

HIV/AIDS continues to be a killer, and behavior change is the best prevention. We have found that when people come to know and follow God's ways they have the strength to make the changes needed. Otherwise, as they told us in Kenya, "During the day everyone knows how prevent HIV, but at night they forget."

6/25/2014 4:00:00 AM
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