Mormon Women Seek Equality: New Perspectives on Gender, Priesthood, and Church Leadership

The LDS Church finds itself again in the media spotlight, following news reports that disciplinary hearings would be held for two outspoken Mormon activists—one of whom, Kate Kelly, has been excommunicated for her role in the Ordain Women movement. The media attention has triggered new conversations about gender roles, priesthood, and church leadership. Some are concerned that the church is doing too little to expand opportunities for women. Those in favor of more rapid and more extensive change find hope in the Mormon concept of "continuing revelation." Others are dismayed by the rise of public advocacy, on the grounds that it undermines the church's leadership and contradicts core teachings about the roles of modern-day prophets and apostles.

Where does the conversation go from here? How can women's voices find greater inclusion in church councils and curriculum? Which doctrines about gender are eternal and indisputable, and which are the products of history and culture?


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