Leopard in a Minefield: The Flourishing of Nature

The natural and common is more truly marvelous and mysterious than the so-called supernatural. Indeed most of the miracles we hear of are infinitely less wonderful than the commonest of natural phenomena, when fairly seen.

Until humankind has its "first summer" awakening in wild places; until the borders dissolve; until we can let go and come home. . . until that time of maturity we will not be ready to act for the "truly marvelous" in the natural and common. And that's all we have.

Am I hopeful? Do I think we have a chance? I'm feeling a bit like a leopard in a minefield. Not full of fear but a clawing curiosity urging me out there, into the wild landscapes, alongside all other species known and unknown.

7/23/2014 4:00:00 AM