The New York Billionaire and His Presbyterianism

Editors' Note: This is part of the Faith of the Candidates series. Learn about the religious and political beliefs of the other presidential candidates here.

Faith Affiliation: Presbyterian

Current Religious Attendance: Marble Collegiate Church, Reformed Church in America, Manhattan, NY

Learn more about what Presbyterians and the Reformed Christians believe and how they worship.

Donald Trump grew up in Queens, New York. He attended the New York Military Academy as a prep school before graduating from Wharton School of Business. He went into his father's real estate business upon graduation before becoming more involved in construction, real estate investments, and casinos. Trump has been involved in a variety of sports and entertainment ventures, including the Miss Universe and Miss USA pageants, The Apprentice, and World Wrestling Entertainment. Trump has never held public office.

Trump has sparred with many public figures who have questioned his religious positions. His less than weighty reference to taking Communion, his declaration that he has never asked God for forgiveness, and his rebuttal of Pope Francis' comments about the proposed wall to block immigrants have triggered a storm of commentary about the genuineness of his faith.

Trump is married to a Slovenian national, Melania, who has since become a naturalized American citizen. They have one son, Barron. Trump also has two sons—Donald, Jr., and Eric—and a daughter, Ivanka, with his first wife, Ivana, and a daughter, Tiffany, with his second wife, Marla. He also has seven grandchildren. Trump is 69 years old.

Donald Trump:

    1. Switched from a history of pro-choice support to being pro-life, with certain exceptions
    2. Believes same-sex marriage should be a matter for the states to resolve
    3. Supports Second Amendment rights
    4. Proposes replacing ACA with alternative health program
    5. Opposes Muslim immigration and suggests US needs a database of Muslim refugees
    6. Proposes building a wall between US and Mexico and deportation of undocumented immigrants

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