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The Saint Joseph’s College Online Theology Program is based on the philosophy that effective ministry requires a solid theological foundation, grounded in solid Catholic doctrine, with a deep spiritual and pastoral orientation. Its faculty exemplifies this philosophy, teaching in universities and working for various entities of the Catholic Church all over the country.

All SJC Online Theology programs are rooted in Roman Catholic doctrine and life and are in full accord with the Magisterium.  Curricula are based on USCCB guidelines as stated in Co-Workers in the Vineyard of the Lord: A Resource for Guiding the Development of Lay Ecclesial Ministry (2005) and the National Directory for the Formation, Ministry, and Life of Permanent Deacons in the United States (2005). Catholic deacons, lay ecclesial ministers, Catholics interested in deepening their faith, and students of all faiths interested in the study of Catholic theology have benefitted from the high academic quality of the courses. 

Courses are all self-paced, with rolling admissions and monthly start dates. Students can begin a course on the first day of any month, and have up to 15 weeks to complete. You can apply to any program at anytime, and design your own academic year. On-campus summer sessions on our beautiful Sebago Lake campus or at a study-away location are a nice complement to online coursework, and enable students to form lasting friendships.

Whether you are pursuing an academic career, involved in parish or diocesan ministry (or hope to be someday!), or just trying to raise a family in the modern world, the Saint Joseph’s College Online Theology Program can help you fulfill your mission as a Christian disciple. Many alumni are workers in the vineyard of youth ministry, secondary education, hospital chaplaincy, retreat and counseling services, social work, nonprofit fundraising, diocesan programming, as well as ordained ministry.

Looking to start or complete a college degree? SJC Online Theology offers the theology major and minor, with an opportunity to work toward a Master’s degree while completing the bachelor’s. 

                 BA in Theological Studies

                 Interdisciplinary Studies, Theology Minor

                 Fast Track to Master of Arts in Theology

Looking to advance your studies, or feeling called to make a career change? SJC Online Theology offers a variety of graduate degrees to prepare you for teaching or ministry. 

                M.A. in Theology: Pastoral Theology

                M.A. in Theology: Sacred Theology

                M.A. in Theology: Advanced Diaconal Studies

                Master of Divinity

                Master of Divinity – Dual Degree

Already have a Master’s degree and looking for continuing education? SJC Online Theology offers two certificate programs at the post-Master’s level. 

                Post-Graduate Theology and Ministry Certificate

                Certificate in Advanced Graduate Studies (C.A.G.S.)

Not looking for a degree, but want a substantial educational theological experience? SJC Online Theology has undergraduate and graduate certificate programs in a variety of topics, with more being added every year.

                Catholic Catechesis (U)

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