Gymnastics, Faith and Olympic Glory

"Magnificent" Faith
The path to Olympic glory, for Dominique Moceanu, led through hardship and struggle. How her faith helped her through. Read more.


The Trials of Parenting Athletes
Sports can be just as much a burden on parents as they are on children. But they can also be just as much a blessing. Read more.


God at the Olympics
The next in our series on faith and gymnastics features Amanda Borden, captain of the gold-medal-winning "Magnificent Seven" team in 1996. Read more.


The Faith of an Olympian
What's faith like on the floor of the Olympic Games? Television audiences often see gymnasts praying. Samantha Peszek describes her faith in a God who "gives me the strength that I need." Read more.


An Anchor and a Purpose
"Gymnastics gave me an anchor and a purpose. It was like a miniature faith for me." An interview on faith and sports with Stephen McCain. Read more.


Leaving Gold for God Leaving Gold for God
Sally Ward was headed for the Olympics. Then she heard the call of God-to walk away. Read more.


Olympic Promised LandThe Olympic Promised Land
I am one of the left behind; one of the damaged and defeated. I did not make the Olympics. I broke my neck. Yet I see these things as the will of God, and the will of God is not without reason. Read more.


Gymnastics, Grace, DeliveranceGymnastics, Grace, Deliverance
"God used gymnastics to save me. Some people I went to school with are dead now, or strung out on drugs. If I had not had gymnastics, that would have been me. I'm sure of it." Read more.

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