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2014 Religious Trends: Has Pagan Environmentalism Failed? Responses to Climate Change

Currently in the Public Square 

American Buddhist Perspective

Sand Castles: Buddha's Advice on What Holds Us Back in Life

Analyzing the objects of our passion can help us let go of clinging to changing aspects of our life as if they were not changing.

Progressive Secular Humanist

Secular Victory: IRS Monitors Churches for Electioneering

The federal lawsuit over non-enforcement of restrictions on political activity by tax-exempt religious organizations and churches has been settled.

Cross Examined

What the Cardiff Giant Hoax Teaches Us About Christians

In 1869, workmen digging a well in Cardiff, NY, near Syracuse, uncovered what appeared to be a petrified man over ten feet tall. Christians delight in being duped.

Faith on the Couch

There Is No Such Thing as Natural Family Planning

NFP is simply information that helps marital intimacy become a way to communicate and grow in holiness and receptivity to God's will.

Looking Closer

Trailer Mix: Upcoming 2014 Movies

Which of these four trailers is most compelling? Which makes you say, "I want to see that!" Why?

Sarah Over the Moon

#FaithFeminisms: My Voice and Yours

Join the conversation here as we go beyond Feminism 101 to talk about racism, ableism, transmisogyny, heterosexism, classism, and more.

The High Calling

Making Money: Your Money or Your (Spiritual) Life

I felt a gnawing sense that any desire to earn a solid income was somehow the antithesis of spirituality.

A Good Measure

How Can We Help with the Unaccompanied Child Refugees?

Christine Donnelly of the USCCB office of Migration and Refugee Services invites us to respond to the situation with concrete acts of mercy and love.

Roger E. Olson

Can Atheism Support Ethical Absolutes?

Appeals to nature and reason alone cannot counter power. A powerful person determined to do evil will brush them aside as irrelevant.

Muslimah Next Door

Holding On to Our Humanity

Ya Allah, forgive those among us who are hurting so many, who are twisting the words of faith and engaging in inhumanity.

Wake Up Call

Everyone Has a Spiritual Story -- What's Yours?

We have all taken a unique path to get to where we are today, but many of us don't believe our stories are worth telling.

Student loan debt in America by the numbers.