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Future of Faith in America: Progressive Christianity

Currently in the Public Square 

Rabbi Niles Elliot Goldstein

In the Dark Forest: Faith Matters, Part One

While Moses received the Torah from God, its many laws and teachings often raise more questions than they answer: What is the meaning of life? Why do I exist? Where am I heading?

Theology of Work Project

Donald Trump and the Difficult Art of Apology

To truly apologize, we must take responsibility for mistakes and their consequences, without blaming victims.

Paths Through The Forests

Our Deadly Lack of Nature Literacy

We need to return to an ancestral way in which nature is not an Other, but an Us.

Benjamin L. Corey

Charisma Mag: Donald Trump Is the New Word of God?

According to Charisma News, Trump is becoming the new Word of God and we need to carefully listen to The Don.

Pursued by Truth

Five Things Christians Shouldn't Say to Atheists

Some atheists think I am a less convincing former atheist because I was raised a Christian. This is an insulting way to approach other people's journeys.

Sermons from the Mound

Paganism and the Use of Magical Names

When a witch is in circle, and using a witch-name, it feels as though we have stepped into our magical persona or power.

World Religions

Understanding Iran

Why does the Iranian government continue to criticize the United States after signing the nuclear accord that would unfreeze their assets?


How Replacing "Faith" with "Probability" Fixes a Religious Glitch

As long as we're talking about probabilities, you have a rationale for rejecting that claim.

Under the Ancient Oaks

Religious Diversity, Hospitality, and a Muslim Cemetery in Texas

In Farmersville, Texas, a group of local Muslims is trying to establish a cemetery to serve their growing community.

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