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March from Selma

Currently in the Public Square 


Christians on the Journey of Lent

Visit the Journey of Lent page for information about this six-week season, timely reflections, and helpful resources.

Wake Up Call

A Powerful and Ancient Form of Prayer

Centering prayer is a prayer without words, or more accurately a prayer with a single word.


The Changing Face of Christianity's Bogeyman

"I was an atheist" testimonies are Christians' attempt, as a culture, to negate the threat they perceive against their number.

Benjamin L. Corey

Israel vs. Palestine: A Very Short Introduction to the Problem

While the conflict between the two sides is complex, it's apparent that there's often a lack of awareness of the global overview of the situation.

Uncommon God, Common Good

Displaced Christians Emphasize Forgiveness and Love

How would we respond if we were displaced from our homes and faced the threat of loss of life?


Indoctrinating Against Indoctrination

The only way to ensure that a child doesn't grow up to think other religions are "wrong" is to avoid presenting a "right" religion.

Daughters of Eve

Self-Care Beyond the Political

I get so busy on my mission to "save the world" that I forget that I can not help others without first helping myself.


Did Belief in Ghosts Help Kick-Start Civilization?

Which came first, moralizing gods or moral societies?

Watching God

"Insurgent": Forgive Others, Forgive Yourself

When Insurgence focuses on the idea of guilt—specifically Tris' own inability to forgive herself—this movie becomes surprisingly powerful.

Patheos Video Gallery

1Racism in America: What Do People Think? 2Addressing the rise of religious violence and the role that faith leaders have in working to a solution. 3FACTS ABOUT VIOLENCE IN AMERICA 4FACTS ABOUT FREE SPEECH AROUND THE WORLD 5Faith Communities and the Tradition of Civil Rights and Social Justice Activism