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Politics Blue

7 Goals for Progressive Millennials

Progressive voters under 30 years famously helped President Barack Obama take the presidency in 2008. Similarly, throughout this campaign they have been unquestionably the largest supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders—presently the only 2016 candidate who Millennials view favorably. But after last night’s results in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and elsewhere, the nomination of former Secretary Hillary Clinton ...

Capitol & Cathedral

Of course the National Cathedral should participate in Trump’s inauguration

Critics rightly point out that Trump is obnoxious and unchristian. But the Washington National Cathedral should not deny its ministry to him on the occasion of his inauguration.

The Blue Blog

Where’s the Love?

On this Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, I have a question for my readers, particularly the vast majority of my progressive friends, and that is, “Where is the love?” I ask this in the context of the upcoming inauguration of Donald J. Trump and the notions of both Imago Dei (we are all made in [Read More...]

God Is Not a Republican

There’s No Way In Hell Jesus Would Vote For Donald Trump

Trump has shown us he is depraved, prideful, unremorseful, and has the temperament of a petulant child. His enduring support from the Religious Right has laid bare the emptiness of their commitment to vote for Republicans out of a sense of morality. Let’s make this clear from the outset: this is not an endorsement–religious or otherwise– of Hillary Clinton. I’m sure [Read More...]

According to Matthew

Trump Is Getting 4-1 Odds Of Being Impeached Within Six Months

Donald Trump hasn’t been sworn in yet and betting websites are already predicting he won’t last a full term. The betting website Paddy Power gave Trump 4-1 odds that he would be impeached within six months and 7-4 odds that he wouldn’t finish his first term. These odds are constantly changing and it’s noteworthy that Paddy Power also [Read More...]

Politics BLUE Video Gallery

Super Tuesday Remarks | Hillary Clinton
Super Tuesday Remarks | Hillary Clinton
"American never stopped being great. We have to make America whole."
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Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard endorses Bernie Sanders for President.
Progress | Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders outlines a progressive agenda for America.
Getting Started | Hillary Clinton
Hillary's running for president because everyday Americans need a champion.