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On Scripture

First Sunday after the Epiphany/Baptism of the Lord

by Jim Kast-Keat How often do you think Jesus remembered his baptism? How often do you remember yours? A splash of water. A gasp of breath. A startled cry. Eyes wide open. A community cheers as they offer their welcome. Remember your baptism. I was baptized on October 23, 1983. I was ten days old, [Read More...]

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Shepherds and Crucified Kings: The Lectionary for Reign of Christ

Jeremiah 23:1-6 What It’s About: Shepherds. But also kings. When Christianity was young, and it was trying to piece together how to think about Jesus (was he God? was he a man? where did he fit in to Jewish texts and traditions?), Christians mined Jewish scriptures for models. They found many places, especially in prophetic texts, [Read More...]

Sarcastic Lutheran

Sermon on Seeing More Than Just What We Look For

(click above to listen along) Sometimes I do something so stupid that I just really want to share it with everyone. Maybe that’s the pathology that leads one to write memoir. I have no idea why, but when something super embarrassing happens to me – like something really cringe-worthy, for some reason my first reaction [Read More...]

The Peripatetic Preacher

The Importance of Telling: Genuine Evangelism”

  (Above: Peter Marshall)    (Lectionary for January 15, 2017  Psalm 40) Because I am a long-time United Methodist clergyman, I have had difficulty embracing the notion of evangelism, that idea that part of my work was to convince others that my way of construing the world should by necessity be their way, too. I [Read More...]

Knack for Noticing

The Green-Eyed Monster

I have a nice blend-in alto voice that makes a pleasant contribution to our church choir. A woman I’ll call Peggy has a gorgeous soprano voice and is often asked to sing solos. We don’t really look alike, except that we have the same color and length of hair. A few weeks ago as I [Read More...]

Mark Roberts

Two Excellent Articles in the New York Times on Christmas

Kudos to the New York Times for publishing two excellent articles on Christmas, and on Christmas...

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What God Wants for Your Life

2 Questions that Could Change Your Life

One of the central practices in Jesuit devotion — the one that Ignatius of Loyola considered indispensable — was the prayer of Examen. Ignatius felt that the key to spiritual growth was to cultivate an awareness of when and where God had been present in the course of the day. It was so important, in [Read More...]

Living a Holy Adventure

The Adventurous Lectionary – Third Sunday after the Epiphany – January 22, 2017

The Third Sunday after the Epiphany – January 22, 2017 This Sunday, we will gather for worship in the wake of the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States and the Women’s Marches throughout the country. The nation remains divided and while politicians can cling to illusions regarding their election, no politician has [Read More...]

Edges of Faith

The Appearance of Hope (An #Advent Poem)

The Appearance of Hope (An Advent Poem) Not long after John appeared in the wilderness with sweet locusts on his breath Not long after the expectant crowds churned muddy waves of confession into the Jordan Not long after he baptized Jesus in the cold river on a day overcast with love and thunder Not long [Read More...]