Robert Barron, Catholicism: A Journey to the Heart of the Faith

Starting from the essential foundation of Jesus Christ's incarnation, life, and teaching, Father Barron moves through the defining elements of Catholicism—from sacraments, worship, and prayer, to Mary, the Apostles, and Saints, to grace, salvation, heaven, and hell to present the Church to the world.

Kevin Johnson, Why Do Catholics Do That?

Blending religious history, art, and culture, renowned scholar and religion columnist Kevin Orlin Johnson answers the most frequently asked questions on Catholic faith, worship, culture, and customs.

John Allen, The Catholic Church: What Everyone Needs to Know

John L. Allen, Jr., one of the world's leading authorities on the Vatican, offers an excellent handbook to the past, present, and future of the Church; for those who want (or need) to know more about the Catholic Church and for those who think they already know it all.

Christopher Kaczor, The Seven Big Myths about the Catholic Church

In an attempt to separate fact from fiction, Christopher Kaczor delves into the world of the Roman Catholic Church. Long has it been the target of suspicion and hostility. But how much of this is based on ignorance and prejudice, and how much is the fruit of thoughtful consideration of the facts?

Meredith Gould, The Catholic Home: Celebrations and Traditions 

For centuries, the Catholic Church has offered an abundance of splendid traditions that extend religious and spiritual practice into daily life. Now, Meredith Gould reintroduces these customs and rituals to modern Roman Catholics.

Matthew Kelly, Rediscover Catholicism

At a time when many Catholics are disillusioned, questioning their faith, and filled with doubts about the relevance of Catholicism in the modern world, author and consultant Kelly calls the reader to rediscover the Church's practices and teachings, with a focus on Confession, Daily Prayer, the Mass, the Bible, Fasting, Spiritual Reading, and the Rosary.

Bert Ghezzi, Voices of the Saints

Ghezzi provides readers with convenient ways to look up 365 Catholic saints: chronologically, alphabetically, by feast day, even by theme. The saint's patronage is also listed when available, as is the date of beatification or canonization. In lively profiles written for contemporary readers, Ghezzi chronicles their journeys of faith and their contributions to the vitality of the Church.

Mike Aquilina, The How-To Book of Catholic Devotions

Aquilina offers step-by-step guidelines to all the Catholic devotional rites and rituals; a history of each devotion and a reflection of its importance in prayer life; succinct quotes from saints and prominent Catholics; cautions for potential temptations and distractions; and the blessings and graces associated with the devotions.

Dr. Gregory Popcak, Holy Sex! 

This practical sex guide incorporates, but goes well beyond, marital sacramental theology, and as such will be welcomed by those who want to adhere to Catholic teaching yet still enjoy the passion of sexual union. Psychotherapist Popcak spends most of the book elaborating on the Catholic view of sex, citing various church documents and the writings of Pope John Paul II. He explains why sex is holy, how it differs from eroticism, and why it is intended solely for one man and one woman who are married to each other and open to having children. In covering what he calls the good stuff, Popcak says restrictions are few.

Caryll Houselander, The Reed of God

First published over half a century ago, Caryll Houselander's The Reed of God has become a spiritual classic. Houselander depicts the intimately human side of Mary, Mother of God, as an empty reed waiting for God's music to be played through her. She shares her insightful vision of Mary on earth, Mary among us, Mary as a confused but trusting teenager whose holiness flowered with her eternal "Yes."

Mark Shea, The Heart of Catholic Prayer

Mark Shea weaves the contemporary with the historical and the theological with the practical as he opens up these most common of prayers with a fresh perspective. Experience the ordinary truths of the Faith that the Church has always taught, but in ways that will generate a spark of recognition in the contemporary mind.

G.K. Chesterton, Orthodoxy

This quirky, slender book describes how Chesterton came to view orthodox Catholic Christianity as the way to satisfy his personal emotional needs, in a way that would also allow him to live happily in society. Chesterton argues that people in western society need a life of "practical romance, the combination of something that is strange with something that is secure. We need so to view the world as to combine an idea of wonder and an idea of welcome." Drawing on such figures as Fra Angelico, George Bernard Shaw, and St. Paul to make his points, Chesterton argues that submission to ecclesiastical authority is the way to achieve a good and balanced life. The whole book is written in a style that is as majestic and down-to-earth as C.S. Lewis at his best.

Fr. Dwight Longenecker, Catholicism Pure and Simple

Catholic faith doesn't have to be complicated. Longenecker shows how it can be Pure and Simple. Starting with arguments for the existence of God, without using churchy language, difficult theological concepts, or confusing arguments, this book takes the reader step by step through the basics of the Catholic faith and how to live that faith in the modern world.