The Black Leather Boot: Not Just for Witches

Halloween is over but the black leather boot is still here proving it is much more than prop to a costume. The Black Leather Boot is a basic  to any  wardrobe.  With the arrival of winter’s big snow storms, memories of our tiny sandals are stored away. Nature has repainted life from the fiery palette of fall to hues of winter’s blues. It’s time for serious clothing–the timeless black leather boot!



                                        One of the staples in a woman’s shoe collection is the classic black leather boot—so versatile and sexy it can be worn at formal and casual activities. One word of caution when investing in a pair of boots; don’t sacrifice fit or quality for cost. Comfortable, well made boots can last a life-time if treated with proper care such as a quick cleaning with leather conditioner after trudging though snow or slush. There are many different styles of black leather boots from which to choose. Locating that perfect pair is both daunting and fun. Defining personal needs can be the first step in finding the perfect pair.  It can also eliminate “buyer’s remorse” that often follows random emotional purchases.
                                         Black Boots can be as individual in style, shapes, sizes and versatility as the person wearing them. There are the slouchers, the stiff backs and the in-betweens.  Some zip up, others lace, while a third group can be pulled on for a snug fit. This year’s popular ankle boot looks great with anything from jeans to wool pencil skirts and the patent leather boot is perfect for slushy or rainy days.
                                         However, given all the choices in stores and online, I think a classic knee-high black leather boot is like wearing the timeless “little black dress.” Wear them together and look attractive, confident and “HOT” throughout the cold  seasons. And, no matter what you pair your boots with, always wear them with an attitude.
                                  Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos @PsychicHealing on twitter.
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