Today I am honored to present Peter Canova as a guest blogger with his article POPE ANNALISA AND WORLD EVENTS.

During the decade of  its writing, Pope Annalisa predicted a number of geo-political events years prior to their occurring.

The original draft registered with the Writer’s Guild had a story line concerning a second Iraq war against the heirs of Saddam Hussein (remember Ouday and Qusay?).

When that war actually occurred three years later, Peter changed the plot to an Iran gone nuclear and destabilizing the Middle East. Five years later, guess wha happened?

The latest similarity to real lifeis the abdication of Pope Benedict for stroke and heart related illness. Compare the news headlines below to specific passages from the novel concerning the fictional Pope Clement, all written many years before current events.


In a sudden announcement that caught Catholics around the world off guard, Pope Benedict XVI said he will resign at the end of February, becoming the first pontiff to step down in nearly 600 years.

The 85-year-old pontiff made the announcement Monday, saying he no longer had the strength to carry out his papal duties.

In 1991, Ratzinger suffered a stroke, according to reports. After becoming pope, Benedict, who predicted a short tenure for himself, suffered another stroke in May 2005, according to the Vatican. He is also believed to suffer from a heart condition.


For the sake of the Church, His Holiness must step down and allow forelection of a new pope,” Heinrich Cardinal Mannheim declared. His wordswould trigger a historic confrontation and they echoed off the room’s ornatelypainted ceiling and gilded walls. No pope had abdicated in six hundred years,and no one had forced an abdication in a thousand. Mannheim’s cold, pale eyes fixed on Pope Clement for his response.

His Holiness has struggled with poor health,” Mannheim said. “It is the consensus of the cardinals and the curia that His Holiness must step down for his own health and the sake of the Church,” Mannheim said.

“The pope has suffered a severe stroke,” the doctor told them.

“Eminences, please listen. As you know, we received word the Holy Father has been felled by a stroke.”

Thus, the Church officially acknowledged the death of Clement, fifteenth in the two-thousand-year-old line of popes to bear that name. Dr. Solari claimed the apparent cause of death was a massive heart attack.

Bio: Peter Canova is a PATHEOS Columnist http://www.patheos.com/About-Patheos/Peter-Canova.html. His novel Pope Annalisa won 9 book awards and a movie deal. For more info about the author go to www.popeannalisa.com & Follow him @ Facbook Pope Annalisa & LinkedIn Peter Canova

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