Heal Using Dream Work Therapy: 5 Reasons Why it Works and 2 Tips on How to Get Started-Tonight!

Are you aware that you have an Inner-Freud, a personal therapist, who knows your every concern, fear, and secret and has the perfect solution for you?  You have a direct line to profound FREE therapy that can circumvent years of traditional expensive psychotherapy or be used in concert with traditional therapy.   Your dreams are [Read More…]

Dreams Decoded: A New Way for a Healthy and Awakened Life

A client called me with the most astounding  dream. It was the result of downloading and following the steps of a FREE  Guidebook: 7 Steps to Access, Awaken and Activate Your Inner Guide, on a website called AccessYourInnerGuide.com   She received an important answer to a prayer in her dream concerning her past love relationship [Read More…]

Do You Do Dream Work? It’s Time to Work Your Dreams!

  Hey All You Big Dreamers and Non-Dreamers…… Grab your strangest dreams and worst nightmares, and meet me, Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos at the  Free Dream Telesummit where we can work on them together.   “Last Chance to Register” http://newdreamwork.com/summit/   The DreamWork Summit is about to begin and there’s only a few days left to sign [Read More…]