Twisted Cross, True Cross


  I was only nine when I saw it. And it is strange that I still remember it. It was in the basement of my childhood home – my father’s office, to be exact. Unlike the house we lived in before, this basement had no natural light. Though light fixtures and lamps fought against the encroaching darkness, an older sister could devilishly switch the light off while you were down there and leave you instantly consumed by the inky blackness. And it was frightening.So it was in t … [Read more...]

God & the Darkness


 Forgive me. I am in a dark mood.There is darkness these days. And sometimes, is seems, it approaches blackness. These days ISIS pours across the Middle East brazenly leaving the crucified, decapitated & raped in their wake. An unabashed Iranian regime with an undisputed record of deceit, oppression and genocidal aspirations moves ever closer to an internationally approved nuclear capability. A Russian despot without cover of ideology or provocation shamelessly violates every norm o … [Read more...]

“Nothing New”: On Aggression & Inertia


Let us imagine a Country with an inordinate hatred. A hatred of a People. Whenever words are used to describe the vilified People, they are filled with abject vitriol and fiery contempt. The "enemy" is described as Degenerate, Vermin & Criminal and are threatened with Destruction, Erasure & Annihilation. This creed of vengeance is not a peripheral matter for the country, but is a belief system deeply, deeply set in its marrow. It informs, invigorates, inspires the Country's actions and, i … [Read more...]

All I Aspire To This Lent I Learned From a Saint & a Twelve-Year Old


I. The Saint It was a warm August day in 1958 and the water was just right. The community of young kayakers were just beginning their river journey - a journey to be filled with paddling, riverbank soccer and deep discussions about family and faith under starlit skies. They were so excited he could be there. Wujek, they affectionately called him: Uncle. And he was thrilled to be there with them. My Srodowisko, he called them. His environment or milieu.But he wouldn't be there long. Thanks to … [Read more...]

I Am a Vulgar Man


 It was a masterpiece and it was his secret. Until this moment. In the 1984 film Amadeus, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart found himself suddenly and unexpectedly in the presence of the Holy Roman Emperor Joseph II and his court. The Emperor leveled his eyes at the young composer and the following exchange ensued,EMPEROR JOSEPH II Mozart, are you aware I have declared the French play of Figaro unsuitable for our theatre? MOZART Yes, Sire. EMPEROR JOSEPH II Yet we hear you … [Read more...]

“So Very Precious”: How I Rediscovered the Eucharist


It was quite a few years ago when it happened. But, boy, did it make me angry. At the time, I was still Protestant and I was attending a Catholic Mass. The Liturgy of the Eucharist was well underway and I was about to participate in Communion. And then - BOOM -  I was gently asked (not by the priest) to consider not receiving it.WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?Stunned and deeply fuming, yet trying to be respectful, I sat back down. I can still remember manically vowing to myself that I would NEVER al … [Read more...]