Accepting Whatever Happens

Last week, my computer crashed taking a year’s worth of email and documents with it. The back up is corrupted too (if I owe you a response, please let me know). Also last week, a friend who owns property in another state was awakened at 3 am by a phone call informing her that her [Read More...]

Your life will change if you change this.

I woke up this morning thinking about having to have a business conversation that I don’t really want to have (but know that it is in my best interests to have). Like most people, I am the least adept at life mastery in the wee hours (keep this in mind the next time it’s 4:00 [Read More...]

Become the designer of your interior

One of the greatest obstacles to living one’s best life is a cluttered mind — a mind filled with thoughts, emotions, memories and audio clips from other people. Taken individually, no single bit of clutter matters, but collectively they create a mountain, separating us from the free, expansive thinking that creates peace, progress and innovation. [Read More...]

Finding Belief in Yourself

Believing in yourself is a major distinguishing characteristic between future success and falling short. When you believe in yourself you’ll persevere and bank and bet on yourself. You’ll have the support of the ONE person who has the power to change everything in your life: YOU. Many people say they don’t know how or why they should [Read More...]

How to use the power of NO.

Do you say yes when you really want to say no? Do you say yes even if it may cause you upset, discomfort, financial, or emotional harm? If so, you’re among a vast group of women who want to please others and struggle with setting, or upholding healthy boundaries. You want to be liked and [Read More...]

Are you a victim in your own life?

My mantra is:  I AM THE MOST POWERFUL PERSON IN MY LIFE.   It wasn’t always so. I used to feel persecuted by life, as though there was something out there intent on holding me down. I blamed it for everything that didn’t go my way and this reinforced the belief that I was a [Read More...]

Is Your True Self Locked Away?

    Take 10 minutes for yourself. Get still inside and turn down the voices of everyone outside of you and ask yourself some questions WITHOUT FEAR AND WITHOUT JUDGMENT. Ask yourself where are you in your life now? Are you living your greatest expression? If your life ended today would you be satisfied and fulfilled? What [Read More...]

How to properly care for your dreams

  Nearly every day someone asks me: Is it really possible for me to have my deepest desires and dreams? My answer is always: ABSOLUTELY. The following ten tenets when absorbed and applied will shift the trajectory of your dreams and life. Make them yours. 1. You are enough. The starting point for any successful journey is [Read More...]

Creating your Dreams in 7 Steps

  92% of resolutions fail within two weeks. It doesn’t make the most sense to plan and prepare for an entire year of your life during the busy-ness of the holidays. It takes time to reflect, digest, and sift the good from last year. It also takes time to clean up and clear out our [Read More...]

It’s time to set yourself free: Forgiveness is Freedom!

  This week, I’ve received a plethora of questions about forgiveness. People have asked: What is forgiveness? Why should I forgive? Doesn’t it let the other person off? What’s in it for me? How do I forgive?    and the biggie: How can I forgive myself? Forgiveness is a vital part of living your best [Read More...]