Disqus Sucks

This is not so much a blog as a complaint about this system. I did not like Disqus from the gitgo when Patheos decided to start using it to manage the comments. Disqus now seems to be frequently malfunctioning, at least for me. Half the time I can’t see any new comments at all. Then they suddenly become available, then disappear again. I’ve also just had a case of Disqus decding to diapprove a comment, when I had done no such thing. So, sorry, Treeshrew. I don’t enjoy being yelled at, but your criticism is perfectly appropriate for a public dialog.  Anyway, I suppose this is one way to goose the techies lurking in the background on this channel to  do something useful about this problem. Maybe the problem is with my system, but I can’t figure it out.

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  • I recommend SolidOpinion.com – their comments are the anti-Disqus, stable and meant to fight these types of issues.

  • Kevin Watson

    Bull – I see problems EVERY time I am force to use Disqus.

    Hey – guess what? When I “like” a comment, logged on via FB…… you DON”T need to throw up a bogus refresh page and force me to reload the page just to “like” another comment.

    Disqus = Sucks

    • Red Menace

      Same here. I’m forced to use this crappy system on some sites.

  • Kevin Watson

    From the Urban Dictionary (yeah, you’re “famous”)

    “Disadvantages of Disqus are that it’s a slow, buggy piece of shit that never works right.

    Nice article, but can you stop using Disqus? This thing sucks balls.”

    agree with most of your points, but you need to remember Sony said the
    same thing 5 years ago. edit: bloody disqus, this was supposed to be a
    reply to Jacob.”

    “Oh shit, when did this site start using Disqus?”

    “Goddamn! Using Disqus is like getting sodomized by Hitler!”

    THAT is your definition. It’s up to you to change it…

  • BeyatchKillah

    Can’t change or upload a profile pic! Can anyone help w/a link?